It seems that most of the emails I get are from potential Cedar Crossers asking if the race is actually free. I happily respond that yes, the race is free of charge.. just bring your bike and a positive attitude. But as I watch the number of confirmed riders approaching the 50-mark, I can’t help but wonder how this race could benefit a worthy cause.

But what charity could possibly have anything to do with gravel riding? I thought about it, and it didn’t take long for my mind to wander back to the day I met “Falkor”. A few of us were out for a morning gravel ride when we found an abandoned puppy frozen half to death in a ditch. We couldn’t just leave him there, so this was our fancy solution:

Puppy in a Golite Rush Pack

That dog rode 15 miles on Phil’s back and never even squirmed. We all thought he’d take a dump inside the pack, but Phil lucked out on that one.

On a separate occasion, Chris Bopp and I returned to our cars after a ride on the Katy and found another dog scouring the commuter parking lot looking for food. The poor dog was starving to death; Her ribs were showing through the skin and she was covered with ticks. We fed her 3 Clif bars and then she jumped in my truck. That dog came home with me; I named her Pepper and I’m happy to say she’s quite fat now.

So where am I going with this? 

Well, there’s a no-kill animal shelter about 10 minutes from my house.  It serves as a refuge for these abandoned animals, and the shelter needs help in a bad way. I’m not talking about money for spa-treatments and fancy dog-sweaters, I’m talking about 2×4’s for fencing, food and water-bowls….inexpensive things that you and I could easily provide for them.

None of this is mandatory; you don’t have to donate anything. BUT.. a little bit of help goes a long way and we have a real opportunity to do some good here. The best part is, we can do it all while having a kickass time riding our bikes across 100+ miles of gravel, singletrack and National Forest.

 Now, how great would it feel to be part of an event that did something like that?

Show up on May 6th and find out.



(sponsorship announcement coming soon)