Dean Eichler is the man.

My friends, it appears the Cedar Cross has made it to the big time.  I’m sitting here looking at the list of schwag that has been amassed for this race, and I have to admit I’m a little bit sad that I can’t keep it for myself. We’re gonna have some really awesome stuff to give away to 130+ riders.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but the race Start/Finish has been graciously donated to us by the good people of the Jefferson City  Athletic Events Committee. Big thanks to these guys for helping make the Cedar Cross legit!! And don’t forget to chek out the Capital City Adventure Race on Saturday, May 5th if you get a chance.


In other news, the next time you see anyone who works or races for Kuat, break out the chapstick and kiss ’em right on the ass. Kuat has generously agreed to donate a Vagabond roof basket and 3 of their new Bottle Locks to give away on raceday. Thank you KUAT!!

Note: If you win the bike-rack and don’t go bat-shit crazy with joy…I’ll give it to someone else. I’m totally serious, that thing is worth a lot of money, so I wanna see some breakdancing . I still can’t believe they’re giving us one.

We finally have a bike company working with Cedar Cross, and I’m proud to say it is Specialized. Thanks to these guys, our top ten finishers, (and Dean Eichler), will be receiving custom beer-glasses. I’m pretty sure they’re engraved to say “Specialized,” but if I find out they have a Cedar Cross logos on them….I might just ruin a perfectly good pair of pants.

I plan to reveal the course in approximately 2 weeks. The Cedar Cross is going to test you in ways you won’t expect, and I can’t wait to stand around the fire and drink beer with you guys when it’s all over. I truly cannot believe how this race has grown, and you better believe I’m doing everything I can to make sure it runs smoothly.

I reckon that’s it for now. PLEASE email me with any questions regarding the race/course/gear/whatever.