Just wanted to post a quick update: I will be handing out paper copies of the cue-sheet on raceday. You might want to bring a ziplock bag or something to keep it dry.

The mapmyride link is not accurate, as we will no longer be riding on Devil’s backbone road. Other than that it’s good, so no big deal. Like I said, the cue sheet is accurate and I’ll have tape marking the singletrack.

Trust me 🙂

About the whole dog-spray thing: Yes, I’m serious that you need to bring it. I love dogs as much as anyone, but when they’re gnawing on my leg, all bets are off. There will be dogs at various places along the course, some of them are really nice and some of them aren’t. Remember, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

Don’t forget that this race is also a fundraiser for the Callaway Hills Animal Shelter. There are about 170 of you signed up to do this race. If every person donated $5, we could raise $850!! I really don’t see any reason we can’t hit $1,000, but that’s just my opinion. That money could be used to help dogs like Falkor, the puppy we found on gravel a few years ago:

Cute Puppy

If anyone has questions, send me an email. The trails are wet right now, but hopefully Mother Nature decides to play ball. I’d really hate to cut out any more singletrack, but the last thing I want to do is destroy trail. 

5 days til raceday.