Raceday is tomorrow!!! Sign-in begins at 730, and we WILL start promptly at 9am

I assume most of you have been keeping a pretty close eye on the weather. If so, you know that Ashland had some pretty heavy rain on Friday night. Due to these wet-weather shenanigans, part of the original course is now under water. I’m not even kidding, here’s a photo of someone out there pre-riding it yesterday.



Okay, maybe it’s not quite that bad…but you get the point.

Lucky for you, we here at Cedar Cross HQ have devised a new and improved way to traverse this particular piece of the course. That’s right, we had to change the route again. I had to throw 200 cue sheets in the recycle bin and start over. I wasn’t happy about it, but I think this new version of the course is actually better.

For those of you who’ve already made your own maps and whatnot, I apologize. This was completely unforseeable, and I can promise you that it’s a much bigger pain in MY ass than yours.

I will punch you in the face if you complain about it.

The change to the course is as follows:

After turning right onto Barnes Chapel road, follow it PAST the singletrack trailhead and continue to North Millsite road. Turning right onto N. Millsite, you’ll ride past a Dead End sign. Follow North Millsite until you see a brand new, top-secret trailhead that NOBODY knows about. Follow course markings from there.

This is all on the cue sheet and VERY well marked. And leaf-blown.

I guess that’s it for now. There will likely be at least one more update to this site, and you can also find the Cedar Cross on Facebook. As always, feel free to email me via the contact link.

I’m gonna drink so much beer tomorrow.