I’ve always had a lot of respect for people who enter an endurance event strictly with the goal of finishing. Often times, these people cross the finish line long after most other racers have loaded up their stuff and gone home.

Originally I was going to give the Surly Cross-check frame to the last place finisher. Since the last place finisher just happened to be my best friend, I decided I had to change that. I wouldn’t want anyone thinking we rigged the competition

I keep hearing all these stories about some guy named Chris Wood. Apparently he rode the Cedar Cross on a 26″ Specialized Hardrock Sport with rim-brakes, clearing the course at 8:22pm.

I think we have a winner. Chris Wood, you can go to Redwheel Bike Shop and tell Nick Smith you’re there to pick up your new bike frame.

Results will be posted soon. I’m just waiting to hear back from the people whose results I don’t have yet. For all I know, they’re still out there.