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                        Never too early to start clearing the course..

Ok, so here’s the list of our 2012 DNF’s. Anyone on this list has the option of racing for free in 2013. That’s right, I said for FREE. If you’re on the list and you want to race in 2013, just post a comment below.

And just so there’s no confusion, these folks ARE still eligible to win any of the cash payouts or other awards we’re giving away. In fact, I think it’d be totally badass if one of them won the race. There’s more than one Dirty Kanza finisher on this list, so it could happen.

  • Marty Macdonnell
  • Mark Griffin
  • Scott Urich
  • Derrick Boos
  • Jon Langworthy
  • James Schwantner
  • Randy Wergin
  • Robby Brown
  • Cooper Mittelhauser
  • Greg Word
  • Dana Goodman
  • Jim Davis
  • Grant Shorthose
  • Keith Bone
  • Lisa White
  • Brandon Amos
  • Bart Accardo
  • Jerod Mendolia
  • Scott Ogilvie
  • Dave Hagen
  • Brent Starnes
  • Scott Peipert
  • Tyson Wehmeyer
  • David Malorin
  • Dave Beattie
  • Josh Picker
  • Brett Heuring
  • Dan Dougan
  • Adam Laffoon
  • Corbin Brady
  • Cynthia Woodcock
  • Thomas Hall
  • Art Clervi

                                 I bet this guy wants another shot at finishing.

If you’ve got any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Registration opens soon.