Sometimes things just have a way of working themselves out. Thanks to a generous donation from these folks:

..I was finally able to pay off my very own wind-cannon. Thanks to Steve Sides and his group of Rheumatology gurus, we’ve begun clearing the singletrack portions of the course much earlier this year. Please help me thank him by referring some business to his clinic if at all possible.

And for those who don’t already know, Cedar Cross isn’t the only gravel event happening in Missouri. There are a few others you should check out. For example, CX badass, (and Cedar Cross finisher), Josh Johnson has put together the Hairy 100:


And Jeff Yielding, a man known for putting together the best CX courses in MO has given us something new to be excited about:

And last but not least, Bonk Hard Racing is bringing us the OGER. This one promises to be a torture fest; just listening to Dan Dougan describe the course will make you pee blood.

OGRE - EPIC Gravel Grinder

I guess that’s it for now. Oh, and did I mention registration opens February 2nd?