So, I’m sure there are plenty of folks who’d like to try Cedar Cross but aren’t able to do the full route. I see no reason to deny them a good time, so me and my crew have created “The Cedar Sapling”. (Creative credit for the name goes to my good friend Luke Lamb, pictured below on a recent scouting mission.)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Cedar Sapling is a little over 30 miles and includes some great scenery. But be warned, just because it’s a shorter course doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, there’s at least one climb,(probably two), that I know will kick your ass.

Of course, we’re also offering the extended course, (revealed later), and I’m tweaking the original so it flows a little better than last year.

In other news, I got a respectable portion of the Moon loop cleared off yesterday, so (for now) the horses will all have a nice, clean place to take a big green shit.


I guess that’s it for now. Very soon we’ll be showing the list of confirmed riders. I hope to see your name on it.