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That’s right kids, Kuat is still the baddest bike-rack in town. Last year they gave us one of their Vagabond Roof Racks,  and giving it away was so much fun I wanted to do it a gain. So, I had a quick conversation with Aaron about re-sponsoring the Cedar Cross…and 2 days later he had one of these bad-boys sitting on my front porch:

This thing is nice!!


I seriously can’t thank Kuat enough for helping legitimize this event. They are AWESOME and we’re gonna make someone very happy on raceday. On that note, if you win this rack and don’t respond with Richard Simmons-like enthusiasm…I’m giving it to someone else.

…and Definitely don’t foget that Monster Bicycle Company is once again offering all Cedar Crossers 20% off a Custom titanium frame-build. Among others, Derrick Boos used his discount from 2012 to build this sexy rig:

The Orange Ledermonster

                                                                                    The Orange Ledermonster

And did I mention that we’re still sponsored by Paceline products, aka Chamois Butt’r?

No taint left behind

                     No taint left behind

And, of course, the very first sponsor that ever said “yes” to the Cedar Cross has returned for 2013…BackCountry Research. I’ll be sporting their products until the day I die. If you’re still using a “saddle-scrotum“…come see me on raceday and get yourself an Awesome Strap. 

While we’re talking about gravel..I hope to see everyone this weekend at the Tour of Hermann Gravel event, put on by Jeff Yielding. Jeff is an awesome guy and he’s done more for Missouri cycling than….anyone. His events are more professionally organized than a government airstrike. The man is an artist. Be there or be square.

I think that’s it for now. I’m still working on one or two more sponsors…more about that later 🙂 We’ve got 60+ confirmed riders so far and less than a month to go. I hope you’re training as hard for this course as I am working to make it happen. You wouldn’t believe the mountain of “stuff” that comes along with putting a $20 race together. Let’s just hope it’s worth it for everyone on May 4th. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again, riding some gravel and drinking a few dozen beers.