So, a guy like me never really has a shot at the podium. I need to focus on other things to keep myself going. Before any race where I’m “competing”, I generally pick out another fat guy in the crowd and focus on beating him. I’m sure I’m not the only one that does this sort of thing. For me, it’s all about the race within the race.

Then there are guys like Don and Corey.


If you’ve been watching the Cedar Cross Facebook page lately, you’ve probably noticed there’s a little bit of a pissing contest going on between these two. Granted, it’s all in good fun…but it’s still pretty fun to watch. And since I knew that neither one of these guys would back away from the challenge, I’ve decided to throw a little bit of gas on the fire. But before we get to how I’m doing that, let’s get a little bit of history on these guys:

Corey Case, aka “Scardick”


Corey is a big, hairy American winning machine. His obsession with blazing-fast bike speed is rivaled only by his passion for Diet coke, Pina Coladas and hotwings. He’s made a habit of being near the front of the pack over the last several years, finishing the Dirty Kanza in 2012 and pulling off a top 10 finish at the 2012 Cedar Cross. (He also played a critical role in Cara and I becoming a couple, but that’s another story altogether.)

Don Daly


Don is pictured here after an awkward trip to the Men’s restroom. Don is a successful business operator, family man, DK finisher, Cedar Cross Veteran and all-around endurance cyclist. He’s 45 years old, rides a singlespeed and fondly remembers the time I passed him at Syllamo’s Revenge while he was carrying his bike.

These guys love competition, so let’s give them one.

This year’s Cedar Cross will handsomely reward the victor of Don and Corey’s “Race within the Race.” From the week of April 22-28, half of all race entry fees shall be applied toward a trophy, (designed by me), to be presented to the loser of this contest…. by the victor. That’s right, the guy who wins will be giving the trophy to the guy who loses.

I’ll use the other half of all entry fees from the same week to amass a cash prize for the winner of our short course option,  “The Cedar Sapling.”

Both men have agreed to this contest and now there’s no way out. A trophy will be given and a cash prize shall be generated for the short course winner. I have to admit, I’m pretty damn excited.

So, if you’re planning on racing and haven’t signed up yet.. quit screwing around and sign up. If you can’t ride the full 100+ but you still wanna ride.. sign up for the Sapling. Either way, this is going to be a kickass race and you better not miss it. I’ll be announcing our newest sponsor in a day or two, so stay tuned.