Sometimes things just have a way of happening on their own. A few days ago, my buddy Luke and I were hanging out at the local winery having a few beers/potato skins…. and a new sponsorship basically fell into our laps.

It is with great joy I announce that the Canterbury Hill Winery will be donating 3 bottles of their delicious wine to the Cedar Cross.

Canterbury Hill Winery and Restaurant - Jefferson City, MO

The race will coincide with their Cinco de Mayo weekend, so they’re throwing together a discount package for Cedar Crossers and their families. Now, your support crew/family will have a place to chill while you ride your bike all day. Apparently there’s gonna be a Mariachi band and all kinds of cool stuff going on. Very cool if you ask me, and I highly recommend the Dragon Skins..they pair nicely with a Schlafly.


So then, I’m clicking through the Facebooks one night and I stumble across a company called Pure Clean Powder.


They seemed like a good group of folks, so I contacted the. After a quick conversation, they agreed to sponsor us as well. Here’s a blip from their webpage:

“Pure Clean Powder is a company built for endurance athletes.  Most endurance athletes know that beet juice can increase endurance, power, speed, performance, results….But juicing beets is not always easy.  

A professional cyclist created Pure Clean Powder to solve the beet juice problem. You can’t take juice on the plane. The juicer is too big, awkward and heavy to travel with. Juicing in a hotel room is a mess. Exploding beet juice in your luggage is an issue you can only deal with once. 

With beet juice powder, all you do is tear open a packet.  It can travel with you anywhere and doesn’t put you over the 50 lb. luggage limit.  

Best of all, our powder has all the organic, natural nitrates you need to boost performance.  You never have to race again without your beet juice. 

Pure Clean Powder.  Problem solved.”

So it looks like the swag-pile is growing by the day. We’ve got a kickass course, kickass swag and a bunch of kickass people coming to the ride. All we need is MORE people and more stuff to give away. So, tell all your friends and tell them to tell their friends. The Cedar Cross 2.0 is going. to. kick. ass!!