I told you I wouldn’t profit from this race and I’ll keep my word. The overall winner of this year’s course will receive $500 cash. Second place will receive a bottle of wine and a handshake. Race accordingly.

                                      Like the wind…..ride like the effing wind!!

I will, of course, need to see your gps link to make sure you rode the actual course. We can’t have anybody trying to cheat, ya know.

Built on a lie: Lance Armstrong has tainted his whole sport with his use of performance enhancing drugs

Come on.. you knew there would eventually be a Lance joke.

First place winner of the Cedar Sapling will take home $100, a bottle of wine and a small, but respectable swag bag. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Previous finishers of endurance gravel events are non-eligible for the Cedar Sapling’s 1st place cash prize. If you want to ride the short course, that’s fine…but sandbagging a beginner’s race is a dick move. Don’t do it.

The 4 dogs on South Millsite road. The white one is the asshole.

The 4 dogs on South Millsite road. The white one is the asshole.

In other news: It’s raining buckets out here and the creeks are on the rise. I have removed my favorite section of singletrack from the race because it’s basically a giant mudslide right now, with a little bit of horseshit thrown in for seasoning. All efforts will be made to insure that this course is FUN and difficult

And after all of that, if you’re still on the fence about this race… I don’t know what else I can offer. I’m headed to drop off swag bags. Watch this website and the Facebook page for potential updates throughout the day!!