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Alright, here are the Garmin links.

Garmin Connect – Cedar Cross

Garmin Connect – Cedar Sapling

MapMyride.com – Cedar Sapling

I’m sad to report that one section of singletrack was so completely “horsed” that I’ve decided to remove it from the course. Total mileage is pretty close to the original, but the difficulty level is drastically reduced between miles 48-51.

I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but trust me… unless you’ve got a fat bike you don’t want to be on that trail right now.

An updated cue sheet will be posted later tonight and/or there will  be one included in your race packet.

Please remember it’s in your best interest to visit Red Wheel Bike Shop tomorrow, beginning at 10am to collect your swag bag and get your race number. There isnt enough free shit to make sure everyone gets something, so as they say…the early bird will get the worm.

On raceday, sign in will begin at 6:30, I’ll have a few announcements around 730, and then Kayne will play the Star Spangled Banner at 745.

The race begins with a neutral, escorted rollout at 8am.

Any questions can be posted in the comments section or emailed to me at bobjenkins@team-virtus.com. Or wtf…hit me up on the Facebooks.