While it is customary to celebrate the triumphs of those who finish first, it has long been my opinion that the last person to cross the finish line should be celebrated just as heartily, for this person has endured the most suffering. Monster Bicycle company feels the same way, and so Jim created this custom beer mug for the 2013 last place finisher.

Doesn't get much more legit than that!!

Doesn’t get much more legit than that!!

John Regions was the final Cedar Crosser to finish the  grueling 113+ mile course on Saturday evening. We put a beer in his hand, Jim gave him the finishers mug  let him stand next to the fire for a few minutes before we giving him the rest of his award….. the Sherpa Rack donated by Kuat Bike Racks.

A $400+ value, I might add

A $400+ value, I might add

John reacted exactly how we wanted; with extreme excitement and appreciation. I don’t think we could’ve picked someone more deserving and appreciative than John, so we’ll call this year’s “Last Survivor Award” a solid victory.

Looking back at this year’s race, I don’t know how things could’ve gone much better. Granted, I had to cut out the hardest part of singletrack and make the course a bit easier.. but the overall winners donated their $500 to Team Noah, the Sapling route’s winner was a new father, the fastest female was one of my all-time favorite people and our Last Survivor was someone who truly appreciated the award. How could anyone not be happy about that?

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did, and I totally think we should do this again next year. I’ll see you all at Dirty Kanza next month!