sloppy ass downtube

Well my friends, it would appear that all the pieces are moving into place. I’ve got all the permits ready to go, the insurance is paid for and… as far as I know, we aren’t breaking any laws this year. These are exciting times indeed.

Speaking of great times, Josh Schrock is putting on a fine gravel event this weekend. Looks to be  like a 25-mile fun ride with beer and music afterwards. I plan on being there after doing some trail work on Saturday. You should be there too. And check out the Frisco ride, it looks like a a good one too.

And never forget the 2 basic rules of gravel riding:

...as it is written in the book of Daly.

…as it is written in the book of Daly.

At present, I have no idea as to the condition of the singletrack portions of this year’s course. But there’s one thing I do know: we won’t be cutting out any of the singletrack this year. These are basically unmaintained, forgotten trails being used by deer and the occasional horse. I’ll do everything I can to weedeat, clear off the leaves and kick horseshit out of the way, but the course will not be changed. I feel like a lot of people got cheated out of the full experience last year, and that just makes me feel dirty.

Kate Geisen trains hard for Cedar Cross.

Kate Geisen trains hard for Cedar Cross.

There will be mud, there will be horseshit, and there will be dogs. There will also be kickass scenery, trails you never knew existed, a nuclear reactor and free beer and potatoes as the finish line. For $20, I don’t think you can do much better than that.