Well my friends, after a solid weekend of trail cleanup I can confidently report that this year’s course will be more badass than ever. When you combine the recent deluge of rainfall with copius amounts of horseshit…you’ve got yourself a recipe for adventure. Rocky, wet adventure covered in horse-poo.

Even my wife, (who doesn’t even ride bikes), is really pumped about this year’s course. Just look at the excitement on her face!!!


Man, she’s gonna be pissed when she sees that.

The trail has certainly changed a bit since last year, and I’m sure we’ll have varying opinions on whether or not it’s for the better. The one thing I know for sure is that the singletrack will play a critical role in who wins the race this year. Tire/bike selection is gonna be a big deal. I predict a lot of shredded skinny tires.

Just remember this is a multi-surface event. One minute you’ll be riding on this:

benchcutAnd the next minute you’ll be riding through this:

creekcrossinAnd the next thing you know, you’re riding past this:


Do not adjust your computer screeen; that is a NUCLEAR reactor surrounded by gravel roads. Have you ever seen a Nuke reactor in the Flint Hills? I don’t think so. **EDIT– I am a dumbass…there is indeed a reactor out there** This ride has gravel, singletrack, horse-poo, a NUCLEAR reactor, baked potatoes, beer and cupcakes. That’s right, my mom is gonna make cupcakes again…the ones with pink frosting. I’m pretty sure nobody was giving away cupcakes at Dirty Kanza last year.