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The trails you’ll be riding at Cedar Cross have never looked better. Bob and I rode part of the course and we had a blast. Will it be easy? Nope. But I guarantee you’ll have a great ride!

Weedeating/leaf-blowing is serious business

Weedeating/leaf-blowing is serious business

We’re busting our asses to make sure everything is as good as it can be come race day. Well, Bob is busting his ass. The rest of us are just along for the ride, helping out a wee bit here and there.

We did a lot of weed-eating and leaf-blowing to remove thorns and other debris, and we also removed a lot of downed trees… with a fucking hand saw. No, seriously. Bob Jenkins doesn’t do anything the easy way.

Trail Work for Cedar Cross

Who needs a chain saw when it’s way more fun to do it by hand?

Although we saw several horse trailers parked near the course, we literally saw zero horses and almost zero horseshit. That is a very good thing, my friends.

While we removed most of the obstacles, we left a few of the smaller ones for your riding pleasure. We also strategically left a few of the larger obstacles to encourage the horses to fuck up the trail somewhere else. But worry not, we’ll go back and remove the big ones before race day.

Tree on Trail at Cedar Cross

With a fence on one side and a steep descent on the other, we’re hoping the horses stay away.

And for those of you who are Cedar Cross veterans, I’m sure you’ll remember “The Staircase of Pain.” It is in great shape too. And if you think pushing a bike up it is hard, you should try carrying a 400-pound industrial-strength leaf blower up that sumbitch.

The Staircase of Pain at Cedar Cross

Bob made it look easy, so quit bitching.

If the weather cooperates and all the horses continue to stay off the trails, you are all going to have a blast. I’ve never seen the trails in such great shape. And yes, the trails can be ridden on a cross bike, although fatter tires are probably a good choice.

cyclo cross bike on single track at Cedar Cross

Bob was faster on his cross bike than I was on my mountain bike.

Race day is coming up quickly. If you’re not signed up, there’s still time to do so. And if you’re not ready for the full shebang, there is a shorter option, The Cedar Sapling.

Get excited. Get very excited. See you in a couple weeks!

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