We still need a beer sponsor, but that’s not what the call for help is all about. We’ll get back to that.

This year we’ve got some pretty legit sponsorships happening, and I think you’re gonna be excited.

First up.. our good friend Steve at JCMG Rheumatology. Steve’s donation to last year’s Cedar Cross was the only reason I was able to buy this amazing backpack leafblower.

20140419_153950It is only through steve’s donations that we’ve been able to get these trails cleared off so well. If it weren’t for him, we’d still be out there with rakes and one shitty, gas-leaking handheld leafblower. If you see him on raceday, tell him thanks. He’s a hell of a nice guy.



kuatrackloveObviously, someone at Kuat knows a thing or two about advertising. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s just something about this picture that gets me really excited about Kuat racks. In fact, I think I’m gonna buy one later today. This will be Kuat’s third year sponsoring the race…and they’re giving us a Sherpa rack to give away. This is definitely something to be excited about.


The first sponsor we ever had was BackCountry Research, and I’m proud to say they’re back for the 3rd year in a row. These guys have probably given us over a thousand dollars worth of free stuff, so if you haven’t gone to their website and bought something yet….you’re kind of an asshole. I was browsing their website this morning and stumbled across this photo:

8160212877_7f2ce48947_o….and if I didn’t know better I’d say that photo was  taken on County Road 388, which is part of this year’s Cedar Sapling route. Very Cool stuff, if you ask me. Please, go to their website and buy some stuff. These people deserve our business. I highly recommend the Tube Tarps and The Fon Bags. Good, good stuff.

NEW SPONSOR: TaddiHogg Handmade Cycling Caps.

Finding a cycling cap that actually fits is SUCH a pain in the ass. The only one I’ve ever actually enjoyed wearing was made by this guy:

Hand Made in the USA

Hand Made in the USA

Thad is going to be giving us an undisclosed number of his fine, handmade hats to give away on raceday. I’m probably gonna keep one more for myself, but that’s just because I’m a greedy asshole. And if you’re still not convinced that Taddihogg is the finest, most badass cycling cap in the world, refer to the picture below.


The man in the photo is Jim Phillips, and he is *earmuffs* one bad motherfucker. Jim Phillips eats pavement and shits a mix of gravel and sunshine… all while wearing Taddihogg cycling caps. If Jim Phillips says the hats are good, you don’t ask questions….you buy the hat.

And now we come to the call for Help. Each year, we try to use the Cedar Cross as a means of helping someone/something in need. In 2012, the race was free and we donated nearly $1,000 to an animal shelter. Last year, I give away cash prizes to top finishers who then donated their $600 to the Team Noah Foundation. 

I had planned to keep the money for myself this year in hopes of buying my own frame from Monster Bicycle Company, but then I saw a story that just grabbed me by the heart and I knew we had to help a brother out. Meet Ernest Gagnon:

ernestcxErnest used to weigh almost 600 pounds, and when his Doctor told him he could either get a gastric bypass or die, he chose the hard road instead. He bought a bike and started pedaling himself back to fitness. The man has lost over 200 pounds and HE RACES CYCLOCROSS. Ernest’s journey to peak fitness is far from over, but I think we could all learn a lot from this man. Being a plus-sized fellow myself, I have a deep appreciation for anyone with a few “problem areas” that isn’t afraid pull on the lycra and go for a ride. I’ve never met Ernest and I don’t know his whole story, but I don’t have to… everything we need to know is in those pictures. I have a lot of respect for this man.

It turns out Ernest has a bit of trouble with seatposts snapping, so I got on the phone with my buddy Jim at Monster Bicycle Company.


Jim was immediately on board with building a custom titanium seatpost for Ernest. I’ve also been in touch with BackCountry Research, Kuat and Taddihogg, who will be adding their own schwag items for Ernest. If you’re signed up for this race, you’re a part of making this happen.

So now you know….this year’s Cedar Cross is officially a fundraiser to build Ernest Gagnon the most badass, indestructible titanium seatpost in the the world. Yeah, I said the world. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate everyone joining together to make this happen. At the end of the day, I think we’ll all have something we can be very proud of, and we might even make a new friend or two.