“It’s just chewed up grass”

Well my friends, we’ve come to the final countdown. 5 days separate us from Cedar Cross glory. I can only hope you’re as nervous/excited as I am. Holy shit.

This is traditionally the time when something goes wrong and we are forced to adapt. In 2012, rainfall put parts of the Moon Loop under water and we had to reroute the course. In 2013, high winds knocked down a bunch of trees 2 days before the race. Both of those times, we overcame the bullshit and had an awesome race. 2014 will be no different, as we are having to move the start/finish line to an alternate location.

Now before anyone panics, let me assure you the situation is well in hand. When bullshit strikes, you stand on the pedals and put your middle fingers up

shameless self promotion

shameless self promotion

The Start/finish line is being moved a *short* distance to the North Jefferson City Multipurpose Building, at 810 Sandstone Drive. It’s basically across the street, and it puts the Finish line in a PERFECT spot for what we’ve got planned when the last place rider crosses the line. Somebody’s gonna have a pretty awesome night.

I’ll have signs posted, and if anyone gets lost, you can call me personally at 573-953-8088. I don’t forsee any problems, and I’m told this is a much nicer facility.

Beginning tomorrow night, my people and I will be out marking the course, weedeating and blowing leaves off the trail. Garmin links and cue sheets have been posted. Download that shit to your Garmin or print it out. Updates regarding trail conditions and my mom’s cupcakes will be posted to this website and Facebook, so stay tuned.

If you’re still on the fence about signing up, post your thoughts in the comments section so we can pressure you into being with us on raceday.