Proof that even the best cyclists pick boogers

Proof that even the best cyclists pick boogers

The 2014 installment of the Cedar Cross has come and gone, my friends. For the ones who were there, no explanation is necessary. For those who weren’t..no explanation is possible. This year’s race saw clear skies, perfect temps and the Cedar Creek trail in the most rideable conditions I’ve ever witnessed. Big names and local heroes were in attendance, and at least two riders flew to the race in privately owned aircraft. And yes, I’m totally serious.

Things got off to a shaky start when we misplaced our National Anthem guitarist. I hated to start the race late, but sometimes shit happens and you’ve gotta roll with it….so we did. We quickly organized a neutral rollout to the pavilion, where Kayne was waiting with guitar in hand. I can’t speak for everyone, but his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner surpassed my loftiest expectations. The freestyle riffs afterward made panties drop like thunder, and I’m pretty sure one woman got pregnant.


And so cycling history was made when we had not one, but two neutral rollouts lead by my dad’s totally sweet white pickup truck. According to my sexy wife, the race started at 8:36 am. If you recorded a different starting time, shutup.


Me & Luke being dumbasses while Dave works the camera

The day was long and full of conquest. And while the lead pack was definitely not wasting time, I was happily surprised at the party atmosphere that developed in Boydsville, near the 47 mile mark. Beers were crushed and much wind was broken as people simply enjoyed the day.


Speaking of beer, I think it’s important people know Mark Giffin of Team Fohty donated TWO kegs of beer for finishers of this year’s race. If that’s not supporting Missouri gravel, I’ll kiss your ass. So If you see this man, buy HIM a beer!

fohty mark

Team Fohty has been to all 3 Cedar Crosses and they always bring the party. Nobody does it better

One of my favorite Cedar Cross traditions is handing out beers at the Finish line…..after spraying them with beer as they cross the finish line.

We're teammates, so Adam got an extra dose

We’re teammates, so Adam got an extra dose

This year we were lucky enough to have 2 beer sponsors. Team Fohty and Josh’s “Schrock Bikes and Brews.” Schrock Bikes and Brews is a kickass bikeshop/coffebar/cool place to get a beer In Mexico, Missouri. Josh donated a large assortment of delicious bottled beers this year, so if you got a bottle or can of something at the finish line, do me a favor and thank this guy:

Josh is not only an endurance cyclist, he's also an endurance planker

Josh is not only an endurance cyclist, he’s also an endurance planker

That photo was taken at 4am by his wife, after the Schrock Bikes “Gravel, Bikes and Bars” ride. Like his Facebook page so you can  be at the next one. I was there and it was awesome; Jim did a writeup here.

But you’re probably tired of hearing me rattle on about how proud I am of myself, so here are this year’s results. Like I said, we recorded that the race started at 8:36 pm. The listed finish times are the time of day the rider finished…not the elapsed time on course. If you want to know your exact start and finish times and exactly how long you were on the course…you came to the wrong race.

The Don Daly Category

1st. Corey Case –  4:08pm

2nd. Don Daly – 4:48 pm

3rd. Steve Friedman – 6:37 pm

Poor Don…always a bridesmaid, never the bride.

There's always next year, Don!

There’s always next year, Don! And yes, he was the fastest fatbike rider this year.

The finish times listed are exactly as my wife wrote them when riders finished. Try to remember this is a very inexpensive operation we’ve got going here, so names are likely spelled wrong and in some cases all she got was a description of your jersey. I think everyone is getting their money’s worth.

wpid-20140508_090712.jpgIt was great to see such a diverse crowd show up for the short course this year. My buddy Dave and I were near the Sapling route’s 15 mile mark handing out Tulbags and Awesome Straps from Back Country Research, and Taddihogg cycling caps. If you got one and you like it, be sure to send Thad an email saying thanks. The good people of BR can be reached here. And  If you got some swag and didn’t like it, send an email anyway… because only a total asshole would complain about a free handmade cycling cap or Tulbag.

These guys sent me a ton of stuff to give away, so the least we can do is say thanks and maybe buy some of their stuff. These are small, American business that are making some really great gear. Buy some of their stuff; if you dont like it…let me know and I’ll buy it from you and use it myself.







But who took home the Kuat rack, you ask? Funny story: We were waiting for Tony from Springfield to finish, since he was confirmed as the last rider on course…when he called to say he’d had enough and needed a ride to the finish. With that information, it was decided that Chris Pay was our final finisher, and would thus receive the kickass finish line celebration and Kuat rack. The only problem was that he had already finished……so we had no choice but to make cycling history twice in one day… when we made Chris ride to the end of the street, turn around and cross the finish line again. The finish line theatrics were, in my mind, totally amazing. BUT, they were of questionable legality and will therefore not be announced on this website. Let’s just say it was awesome and leave it at that.

Chris Pay...the last Survivor of the 2014 Cedar Cross.

Chris Pay…the last Survivor of the 2014 Cedar Cross.

Also, we raised enough money to have Monster Bicycle Company build a custom titanium seatpost for Ernest. I’d like to thank everyone who put money in the jar, especially the anonymous stranger,(who wasn’t even in the race), who gave my wife a 100 bill and refused to identify herself. There really are a few good people left in the world.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I feel like I should admit that I made a bit of money from the race this year. I’ve always said that any money I made from the race would be re-invested into the race, so the way I see it..I should throw some money toward the folks who have sponsored the race. That’s why I’ll be having my own Titanium Monstercross frame built by Monster Bicycle Company. In a way, I feel kinda dirty by profiting from the race, but at the end of the day I guess I’m just a greedy bastard who wants a new bike. And let me tell you, I’m pretty damn excited about it.

So I guess that’s it for this year. I hope everyone had a kickass race, and I really do look forward to making this happen again next year, provided people still want to do it. There really is no greater feeling than getting a bunch of people together and just having a good time. I guess I’ll see everyone this weekend at the Hairy 100, and then Dirty Kanza and the Pedaler’s Jamboree after that.