Well my friends, the countdown has begun. Permits are in hand, insurance has been acquired, and I’ve successfully passed the USAC’s absurd 64 question exam allowing me to call myself a “race director”. Try as he may, the man will not keep us down.

Registration is now open. There are some new/renamed categories this year, so pick the one that suits you best. Don Daly didn’t get his own category this year, but Jim Phillips did.


Chuck and Dave riding off into the sunset

Also, the Start/Finish Line will be relocated this year. Most of you probably already know Snick Smith:

Nick is a man with access to high-end carbon fiber bikes who chooses to ride steel framed Surly’s, and you’ve gotta respect that. Nick has been kind enough to grant us access to his newly remodeled RedWheel Bike Shop at 400 West Main street, in Jefferson City. He’s a good dude with a family to feed, so support the local economy by buying something while you’re in the shop.

Chuck boat dock

Kickass photo from a recent training ride with no relevance to this race at all

I’ve gotten several emails asking about the cutoff time. The fact is,  I don’t believe in cutoff times. If it takes you until 8am on Sunday to finish this course, you can expect to see my fat ass waiting for you with beer and potatoes. If the potatoes are cold by then, we’ll go out for pancakes.

The Cedar Cross is about having fun on bikes, then eating baked potatoes and drinking beer with the people who shared the experience. Sure, there’ll be people “racing”, but the overall goal is that everyone has a good time. If you don’t finish…big deal, it’s only $30.

I’ll be out on the course next weekend, clearing leaves and measuring the depth of freshly fallen horseshit. Watch the Facebook page for updates on trail conditions. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.