Hey everybody,

I may have stepped in some shit on Facebook last night when I asked people to bring a bunch of beer to the Finish line.

Here’s why…the guy who owns the building is letting us use his facility, parking lots, etc for free with the hopes of regaining the cost through beer sales. Apparently he had to pay for a liquor license, insurance and all kinds of shit.

There will never be a Cedar Cross without free beers at the finish line, but we also need to support this bar owner. So I’ll set up a tab to make sure every finisher (or DNF) from every category gets at least one beer on me. Right now I can afford about $400 worth of beer.

So if you’re bringing your own beer to share, that’s awesome. Just make sure your coolers stay in the parking lot away from the guy who had to buy a liquor license. Apparently he can get in big trouble for that shit, and that would probably ruin our chances of using the building next year.

In summary: keep your BYOB’s hidden,( or in my truck). Have at least one free beer on us, and then buy a few beers & support our local economy.

All Cue sheets and GPS links are at the top of the website.