^^Hopefully we don’t get sued by Specialized for using that photo

 There are a variety of places to refill water/food along the course.

These distances are approximate.

A water spigot rests in front of a church on Barnes Chapel road near the 27 mile mark. This is right before the first section of singletrack.

Your drop bags, (1-gallon ziplock), will greet you at the end of County road 353, near the 47 mile mark. This will be right before the final section of singletrack.

The Hams Prarie gas station/deli is near the 70 mile mark, and they have the best hard-salami sandwiches in all the land.

The final refueling station will likely be the country store in beautiful Mokane, near the 88 mile mark. They’ve got root beer in glass bottles, so be excited.

There are other places you could leave the course and hit a gas station, but I don’t think you’ll need to. As long as you re-enter the course in the same place you left, no big deal.

Just don’t cut the course on purpose and call yourself a real finisher. That would make you a douchebag.