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Keepin' it professional

Keepin’ it professional

I know we’re all still basking in the awesomeness that was the LandRun 100, (I still have no feeling in my left thumb), but the time has come to look forward to Cedar Cross.

We’re changing several things this year. For one, I’m pretty much done with the whole USACycling thing. Paying fees so you can take a test so you can pay more fees, etc…I’m over that shit.

We’ll be using NACS for our insurance this year. They’re geared more towards people like us. I’ve been in constant contact with Tom From NACS, who has informed me this will be their first event. Oh by the way, I opened registration this morning. Tell all your friends.

Speaking of NACS, they’ offering a discount to all CedarCrossers of $6 off registration. Use the coupon code “gummibears” when you sign up.

Hey look, Chuck's peeing again.

Hey look, Chuck’s peeing again.

Moving on, everyone knows we use this race to support local businesses, donate to animal shelters, and just try to do cool things in general. This year we’re gonna help a local pub make a lot of money.

Local business, son!!

Local business, son!!

The P4 Pub and Grub in Tebbetts, MO is a family owned business run by a husband and wife. They both work full time jobs and then run the pub in the evenings. They’ve agreed to let us use their business as a Start/Finish line this year fo-free.

They’re gonna sell me baked potatoes and even let us have a “finisher’s keg” inside the restaurant. BOOM.

In return, I’d like to challenge all of you to wipe out P4’s entire beer and food inventory. Look at the menu, even a fool could see this is a gravel rider’s paradise. Any place that sells “Cow & Pig pizza” deserves our support.

I went with the cheddar bacon cheeseburger though

I went with the cheddar bacon cheeseburger though

And as a bonus, you’ll notice that the pub is conveniently located right next door to the Tebbetts trail shelter.

$5 for a bed and a shower is a pretty sweet deal. I’ve pooped in there before, and the bathroom was very clean.

Of course, moving the Start/Finish line will require tweaking the course a bit. And after my experience at LandRun, I’ve come to realize that the grizzly, destroyed trails of Cedar Creek are exactly what Cedar Crossers crave. Starting this weekend, I’ll be out re-visiting parts of the course you’ve never ridden before. The Sapling course will obviously be a bit different too.


And yes, there will be a Sapling course this year. I just dont have it figured out yet. Stay tuned, cuz it’s all gonna work out just fine.

So brace your taints and prepare for adventure, because this will be the most badass Cedar Cross course you’ve ever seen.

As always, any questions may be sent to bobjenkins@team-virtus.com.

Many updates are on the way.