By now I think most people know about the Cup O’ Dirt Challenge, and if you don’t you should definitely click on that link and prepare to have your mind blown. Jim Smith not only designs *pimp* Titanium frames, he’s also a veteran with a lusciuous beard who’s been a huge supporter of this race since the beginning.

Seriously, *look* at the symmetry of that beard

Seriously, *look* at the symmetry of that beard

It’s only fitting that we support Jim’s Cup O Dirt campaign by including a gravel metric in this year’s offering of Cedar Cross. The new Start/Finish line has obviously changed the course a bit, and it’s in perfect position for 63 miles of Cup O’ Dirt Relevance. Seriously, it’s almost exactly 63 miles.

And while 63 < 113, this is still a ride you should be fully prepared for…you never know when your saddle might fall off..

Be ready for anything out when your saddle falls off

Boys and girls, I present to you…the Cup O’ Cedar.

It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want the full CCX experience and think the Sapling Course may be too short. So now we’ve got courses for people who like big ones, little ones and medium ones. There is literally something for everyone. You’re welcome.

The other 2 course links will be released at a later time, so watch for that in the next week or two. Or 3…whatever.