This weekend I had the pleasure of scouting even more unused parts of the Cedar Creek trail. I can tell you without hesitation there’ll be some new SHingletrack on our course this year.

(BTW, SHingletrack is what happens when large amounts of animal shit and singletrack come together)


But enough about that, let’s talk about our sponsors for 2016. This year we’ve decided to go All-American. U.S. based companies only.

First Up:

BackCountry Research

You need this gear

You need this gear

People who’ve done this race before know that BR has supported us since the beginning, literally giving us more than a thousand dollars worth of their products, which are AWESOME. So don’t be a dick, go to their website and buy something. Tell them I sent you, just so I can feel special.

As previously mentioned, we have broken free from the chains of bullshit associated with certain governing bodies of cycling. *cough, USAC..cough*

We are now PROUDLY affiliated with NACS. I’ve been informed that a screenshot of our categories list has been forwarded to all of their employees, who then shared multiple hi-fives and chest bumps. These are good people who deserve our support.

Huge ass logo

Huge ass logo



This year, my man Chuck “Gnat-Daddy” Vohsen has assumed the role of gathering sponsors. And from the look of things, he’s shocked at his own success:caps4

He’s already received a shipment of bar tape from from ODI :


Full disclosure; I'm probably stealing one of the coolie cups.

Full disclosure; I’m probably stealing one of the coolie cups.

….And some fancy handlebar grips from OURY:

OURY Grips!

OURY Grips!

…and even a handful of cycling caps from Walz, which are being test-driven as we speak.


I’d also like to issue a CCX “Public Service Announcement.” The course will be different this year. Not only can you expect to see all of the cool stuff from year’s past, there’s also gonna be stuff you’ve never seen before. Stuff like this:

Sweet camping spot, Btw. (I’m looking at you, Cooper)

….and other spots like this:

Why is he always peeing?

Why is he always peeing?

I like to think of these course adjustments as adding bacon to a double cheeseburger…we’re only making it better. Just remember that all those gps links and cue sheets from previous years are worth exactly shit. And yes, the Sapling will be different too.

Watch for more updates here and on the Facebook page, because shit’s gonna start happening a lot faster from now on.

Which reminds me, the next 3 people who sign up will be given a free Walz Cycling cap. You snooze, you lose. Winners will be announced later in the week.

**EDIT** Lo already has one and seems to like it.