About Cedar Cross

Winners of the 2013 race

Winners of the 2013 race

The Cedar Cross is an endurance cycling event covering approximately 113 miles of Central Missouri’s finest backroads, cattlefields and portions of the Cedar Creek Trail. Most of the riding will be on gravel, but there will be singletrack and a few areas where even the most skilled riders will be forced to carry their bikes.

The run-up

The run-up

Riders will pedal, push and carry their bikes across a series of natural obstacles. You will feel pain, joy and a deep, deep burning in your legs.

Oh, here’s another pic of the run-up


Event Date is May 7th, 2016

Race will start at 8am.

P4 Pub and Grub in beautiful Tebbetts Missouri

19 thoughts on “About Cedar Cross”

  1. Matt Story said:

    I am interested in this challenge but honestly know almost nothing about bike racing. I will be going to my local bike shop and talk with their staff. I thought that I might get some insight on equipment from anyone through this site who has raced this event or similar races!
    Thanks in advance for any help!

    • Bob Jenkins said:

      Matt, all you need to be successul at this event is a bike and a positive attitude. A cell phone is a good idea, too.

  2. Rob Hoskins said:

    I’m going to give the 2014 race a try myself. Hey Bob, I want to donate or contribute something towards the race too.

  3. Dr. Johns said:

    Hello Mr. Jenkins,
    My name is Dr. Brandon Johns. I am the owner/physician at Align Chiropractic Clinic. I am new to the Jefferson City area and would like to get involved with the community anyway I can. I was wondering if I could set up a tent at the beginning of the race and provide kinesio tape and soft tissue treatments to the racers for any aches/pains/concerns that they may have to ensure that they will be able to perform at the top of their game. Everything would be free of course, until my tape would run out (if it comes to that). If you would please shoot me an email at alignchiroclinic@gmail.com and allow me to discuss it with you.
    Dr. Johns

  4. Seems like this’ll be well worth the drive over from southern Illinois! Good folks. Good attitudes. Good course. Can’t wait. One question: If someone wants to have a dropbag, will they need to drop it off at the halfway point themselves or will one of the organizers collect dropbags at the start?

  5. skinnybike said:

    For someone who is only looking to just finish the event, how many hours should be allotted/expected? I’ve done more than a few century rides in the past but nothing like this. And I’m waaaaaaay out of shape and fat this year…….seriously.

    • Bob Jenkins said:

      I’d say 9-11(ish) hours…but it’s really anyone’s guess. The short course is always a possibility too, or I can throw together a custom course for you, too.

      Worst case scenario: have as much fun as possible and then call for a ride.

  6. Stacy Gillmore said:

    Are you planning to post a new Garmin route or should we use one of the previous years? From reading the blog, it appears that the 2013 route was a little different from previous years. Will this year be the same as 2012?
    Also, will the sag point be in the same place–down the dead end road, just after the 47 mile mark? Thanks!

    • Bob Jenkins said:

      Course will be almost exactly the same as 2012 and will be well marked. Garmin link will be posted tonight.

      Sag point will be in boydsville, same as before

  7. I just signed up for the Cedar Sapling. Just wondering where the start is. There mapquest link to somewhere? And there is another place that says the start is Red Wheel Bike shop. I’m from way out of town, trying to not get lost.

  8. Leah Spandle said:

    Are sign ups available at the event?

  9. Is SAG support allowed? If not, copy that.

    If yes, are there places on the course I can meet up with my rider?

    • Bob Jenkins said:

      Not while they’re “on” the course, but you can wait for them in boydsville st the bag drop or ham’s prarie. It’s supposed to be self supported

  10. Paul Dabey said:

    So where is the posting of the Garmin link for the Cup O’Cedar? I have looked everywhere.

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