This course favors a cross bike with knobby tires, but you can bring whatever you want. I’d be very surprised if someone on a mtb wins this thing, but there are parts of the course where you’ll wish you were riding full-suspension.

Beyond that, bring what you need to survive 100+ miles of intense riding. I recommend you leave food at the drop station….and eat a giant bowl of wheaties on race-morning.

And don’t forget to carry some cash, there will be ONE place along the course where you can buy some food.

23 thoughts on “Gear”

  1. Yo Bob, around what “mile marker” is the place to buy food?

    • Bob Jenkins said:

      I’m working on a detailed update with all of that business as we speak. Look for a post containing course details, maps, water, volunteer and food locations in Mid-April.

  2. How many pubs does the route pass by?

    • Bob Jenkins said:

      I’m pretty sure you can buy beer in 2 different places on the course. Places where the beer is free will remain a surprise until raceday 🙂

  3. I think I’ll be bringing my hardtail w/ lock-out fork, instead of the CX bike. The singletrack is what will wear me out the most, otherwise, and it’s light enough to be quick everywhere else.

  4. Is there a race rep there to man the drop station?

    • Bob Jenkins said:

      Yes sir.

      The drop bag location is going to be right next to a beer-keg, so I’m sure someone will be there. I’ll probably be there, too.

      • ok. I am registered. Does the race make the drop or do we do it ourselves <——–newb

      • Bob Jenkins said:

        Welcome to the party, John. Drop bags, (1-gallon ziplock bags), can be placed in a truck/trailer that I’ll have standing by near the start line before the race. Hit me up with any more questions.

  5. Hi- thinking of doing this on our road tandem with cross tires- we rode it for the Hermann Gravel ride this past weekend. Wondering how it would work – what with single track and what not. Thoughts? Thx, Alane

    • Bob Jenkins said:

      I think it would be a nightmare, but that’s just me. Pat and Charlie Jenkins rode it last year on a tandem and I think they really enjoyed themselves.

      • Bob, what do you mean by nightmare? Is it because you don’t normally ride tandem or the particular equipment set-up? I was wondering about the ride equipment-wise.- road tandem, cross tires. Did Pat & Charlie use a road tandem or mountain tandem? Thx, Alane

  6. Bob Jenkins said:

    Alane, I think you’ll be just fine. I just know that my wife and I wouldn’t survive this race on a tandem, lol.

    I believe Pat & Charlie had a road-setup; the bike was made of bamboo and very unique looking. I’ll post a photo if I can find one. The main thing is that the bike handles gravel well, and if you survived Jeff’s course.. you’ll be just fine.
    All the singletrack sections are relatively short and they’re included in the first half of the course.

    What’s the worst that could happen?

    And if you do sign up, don’t worry about paying two admission fees. If you’re both on the same bike I don’t see any reason for that.

    • Cool, thanks for the feedback. We rode a very epic Triple Bypass on it so that was a very good test of togetherness! Thx, Alane

  7. Hey there, is this an event I’ll be wise to pack a hydration pack on for the distances between places to refill, or will two bottles be sufficient?

    • Bob Jenkins said:

      You’ll get different answers from different people, but I’m a pretty big fan of the Camelbak.

      • Joe Lusk said:

        Are there places to refill every ~35 miles? I have a hydration pack, but I prefer not wearing one unless distance between water spots is extreme enough to warrant it.

      • Bob Jenkins said:

        Aside from several creeks, the only places to refill water bottles are at the 50 mile drop-bag station, 70-ish mile marker near Ham’s Prarie, and one other place further down the trail.

        I’m working on staging water at one other spot earlier in the race.

  8. Does anyone recommend a smaller handlebar bag (with a few stowables) paired with a light weight, minimal hydration pack vs. a full size camelback to reduce back discomfort?

    • Bob Jenkins said:

      If it was me, I’d wear a Camelbak with a tube shoved into the bottom of the pack, and a framebag full of food and bike tools. And don’t forget to clip a can of dog spray to your sternum strap.

      • Bob Jenkins said:

        ….and if you don’t own a frame bag/mountain feedbag/bento box, come see me before the race and I can loan you one.


  10. Picked the wrong career and will be out of town for work in 2015 said:

    Bob Jenkins is the fucking man

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