Event Date

This is gonna happen Saturday May 7th, 2016

You can stage your bike anytime after 6:30 am

Start time: Pace vehicle, (shown below), rolls out at 8am sharp. Or Sharp-ish. Whatever.


11 thoughts on “Event Date”

  1. Hi, do you have a 2014 date yet? I would love to partake!

  2. Cliff Jacobs said:

    I am searching for registration info and deadline. Can’t seem to find such info. Am I early?

  3. Charles Mayden said:

    Love to do this ride if it’s not to late. Can I register race morning. I did OGRE last sat. and loved it.

  4. Tony Miller said:

    Trying to plan for 2015 and was wanting to know if The Cedar Cross is going to happen again and it so will it be in May?
    Hardest ride I have ever done. What a Challenge!

  5. Barnes chapel said:

    Barnes chapel no water

    • Bob Jenkins said:

      Good to know, thanks for the info! We’ll set up a water drop at the trailhead instead. Only about a mile difference. Thanks again

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