Course adjustment…and raceday is getting close


1 week from today, over 150 riders from all over the country will strike out on a 100+mile gravel/singletrack journey put together by.. me.

Somebody pass the Ativan.

So, I guess it was a bad idea to clear all of those trails so early in the year. Horse traffic has destroyed one of my favorite places on the course, and it is now omitted from the Cedar Cross.


The good news is that we’ve only lost a few miles of the course. It’s frustrating, but we have to make the best of the situation. This course is supposed to be challenging, but what those horses to the trail is ridiculous. The cue sheet, (at the top of the page), reflects the recent course-change. 

Burnett School Road Bridge

In other news, the good people at Walt’s Bike shop in Columbia, MO recently sold me a Garmin at a VERY reasonable price. I’m off work tomorrow, so with any luck I’ll have a Garmin-connect link posted by Tuesday.

This field is within the first 20 miles

Starting thursday night, I’ll be “somewhere”  on the course weed-eating, leafblowing, putting up tape and doing other race-related business. If I find an area that needs re-routed, you’ll find out about it here.

Any and all questions may be emailed to me via the contact-link at the top of the page, or you can find The Cedar Cross on Facebook and message me there. Don’t be shy.

Changing topics, I want everyone to remember that the singletrack on this course favors the “cyclocross minded” cyclist. These horse-ridden trails are ill-maintained at best, so they’re not exactly “flowy”. Don’t forget, I had to go FIND these trails before I could clear them off. If you don’t like shouldering your bike and jumping downed trees, creeks and rocks…there are a few miles of the Cedar Cross that you’re really gonna hate….or love.

And don’t forget….on raceday YOUR ARE ON YOUR OWN. If you show up to this race without a backup plan and end up face-down in the gravel surrounded by a pack of hungry dogs…it’s up to you to find a way home.  And there will be dogs.

Print out the map and cue sheet, bring your cellphone and BE PREPARED. Don’t forget to bring dog spray, you’re probably gonna need it.

Also, anyone who wants to volunteer, please send me an email at

This is gonna be an awesome time. Details regarding raceday sign-in will be posted soon.