Shit’s about to go down.


The hour is nearly upon us, my friends. The stalls are clean and the horses all have diarrhea. Tape is hanging from street signs and the beer is on ice. The folks at the P4 Pub and grub are wrapping potatoes and my inbox is packed, fucking PACKED with people wanting to know when the courses will be posted.

nature boi crew (3)

Cool photo intentionally place here to make you wait longer


And so, here they are in all their glory.

The full Monty

The Cup O’ Cedar – or as I like to call it, my COC.

The Cedar Sapling – this one is a little bit longer this year, but not nearly as long or hard as my COC. If you want a shorter route, hit me up on the facebooks and we can work something out. Believe it or not, I have a backup plan.

Cue sheets are obviously attached with those links, but  Mickey was kind enough to make a better version if you’d prefer.

Those are here, here and right here.

Mickey is the most detail-oriented person I know, so you can have complete faith that his work is solid.

A quick reminder: We’re starting/finishing at the P4 Pub and Grub in Tebbetts this year, NOT in Jeff City. Our objective is to buy ALL of P4’s beer. These are good, hard working people who deserve our support. It would be so badass if we cleaned out their beer supply. Not that anyone cares, but that would absolutely make my day. And if you won’t do it for me…do it for America.

You do love America, don’t you?  You fucking better love America…I know Chuck does.



And here’s an announcement you thought you’d never hear: We’ve finally formed an alliance with the Cedar Creek Equestrian community. *gasps* They’re having a group ride on the trail this weekend, and have promised to be carrying caches of beer to share with Cedar Crossers. Mind blown…just fucking blown. In their own words, “We’re all family in the woods.”  I spent most of last night talking to one of them, and she seems like a really cool person. She even knows Benji and still likes us.

Think of it…on-course beers given to us from horseback. I’m more excited than my nephews when they saw their first lingerie calendar.


So just remember, you WILL encounter people on horseback and they are our friends. Yes, the horses fuck up the trail, but if the trail wasn’t fucked up the race probably would’ve never existed. I’ve been out here slopping around in this shit for 5 years, so if I can play nice you can too. This could be a huge opportunity for trail improvement.

Drink the beer they offer and compliment the size of their horse’s penis. Just don’t stare.(Don)

Speaking of Don, I wonder if he’ll be riding his 4-wheeled steel frame again this year…


You know I love you, Don


I guess that’s it for now. I’ll be out hanging tape for the next few days and worrying about whether or not people will actually have fun or collectively decide to lynch my fat ass. If you have any questions, just hit us up on the facebooks.





Course Changes and Sponsors…and stuff



This weekend I had the pleasure of scouting even more unused parts of the Cedar Creek trail. I can tell you without hesitation there’ll be some new SHingletrack on our course this year.

(BTW, SHingletrack is what happens when large amounts of animal shit and singletrack come together)


But enough about that, let’s talk about our sponsors for 2016. This year we’ve decided to go All-American. U.S. based companies only.

First Up:

BackCountry Research

You need this gear

You need this gear

People who’ve done this race before know that BR has supported us since the beginning, literally giving us more than a thousand dollars worth of their products, which are AWESOME. So don’t be a dick, go to their website and buy something. Tell them I sent you, just so I can feel special.

As previously mentioned, we have broken free from the chains of bullshit associated with certain governing bodies of cycling. *cough, USAC..cough*

We are now PROUDLY affiliated with NACS. I’ve been informed that a screenshot of our categories list has been forwarded to all of their employees, who then shared multiple hi-fives and chest bumps. These are good people who deserve our support.

Huge ass logo

Huge ass logo



This year, my man Chuck “Gnat-Daddy” Vohsen has assumed the role of gathering sponsors. And from the look of things, he’s shocked at his own success:caps4

He’s already received a shipment of bar tape from from ODI :


Full disclosure; I'm probably stealing one of the coolie cups.

Full disclosure; I’m probably stealing one of the coolie cups.

….And some fancy handlebar grips from OURY:

OURY Grips!

OURY Grips!

…and even a handful of cycling caps from Walz, which are being test-driven as we speak.


I’d also like to issue a CCX “Public Service Announcement.” The course will be different this year. Not only can you expect to see all of the cool stuff from year’s past, there’s also gonna be stuff you’ve never seen before. Stuff like this:

Sweet camping spot, Btw. (I’m looking at you, Cooper)

….and other spots like this:

Why is he always peeing?

Why is he always peeing?

I like to think of these course adjustments as adding bacon to a double cheeseburger…we’re only making it better. Just remember that all those gps links and cue sheets from previous years are worth exactly shit. And yes, the Sapling will be different too.

Watch for more updates here and on the Facebook page, because shit’s gonna start happening a lot faster from now on.

Which reminds me, the next 3 people who sign up will be given a free Walz Cycling cap. You snooze, you lose. Winners will be announced later in the week.

**EDIT** Lo already has one and seems to like it.


Short Recon Mission With My Brother


, ,


This weekend I decided to re-visit some of the trails we were forced to eliminate from the original CCX back in 2012. Back then, rainfall had the whole thing under water and we had to cut new trail just to keep the race alive  to re-route using another unmarked trail. I’m happy to announce that this piece of trail will be re-added to the Cinco-de-Crosso course for 2016. Weather won’t chage that. I don’t give a single shit. We will ride the Moon loop.

But I didnt come to that decision on my own. I was joined by my brother Brian, shown below.

Gratuitous urination photo

Gratuitous urination photo

This was to be his first time on 2 wheels in the woods, and the only bike we had was a hybrid I bought for my dad a few years ago. Behold his gloriousness:


The day was packed with victorious conquest, fallen trees and fresh, fresh horseshit. Little bro even got to watch me go OTB into a patch of thorns. He laughed until he cried..just like an asshole little brother would.


Totally staged flower photo

And while the trail is in surprisingly good shape, I’m sure the horses will gather for the annual “Fuck You Bob Jenkins” parade and start making it rain any day now. Granted, there are a few “rough spots”….

We're probably gonna re-route this spot

We’re probably gonna re-route this spot

….but overall it looks really good. And speaking of scenery, remember to bring your own camera for personal photos. I heard a story about a guy whose only photo from Landrun 100 was taken right after his jersey-zipper cashed out, revealing an unflattering upper torso.

If you can't laugh at yourself..

If you can’t laugh at yourself..

Sometimes I wonder if the guy in the background had his only LandRun pic photobombed by a guy with man-boobs.

Heading up past Rutherford Bridge

Heading up past Rutherford Bridge


Scouting ride/hike complete, we hit the grocery store for some grilled victory meats. I asked him what he wanted. He said, “After all that, I’m pretty sure we can eat whatever the fuck we want.” Music to my ears. We ate steaks, drank beers and farted a few times while watching the sunset.


We only rode a fraction of the course, but I think Brian got a really good taste of what this event is all about. Fun people doing fun things, getting tired as shit and then celebrating.


Nobody’s gonna remember Strava when we’re all in the retirement home shitting our pants someday, but we’ll remember clifftop beers with the people who matter. Get your ass to Tebbetts on May 7th and let’s make some memories.


The Cup O’ Cedar is Born


By now I think most people know about the Cup O’ Dirt Challenge, and if you don’t you should definitely click on that link and prepare to have your mind blown. Jim Smith not only designs *pimp* Titanium frames, he’s also a veteran with a lusciuous beard who’s been a huge supporter of this race since the beginning.

Seriously, *look* at the symmetry of that beard

Seriously, *look* at the symmetry of that beard

It’s only fitting that we support Jim’s Cup O Dirt campaign by including a gravel metric in this year’s offering of Cedar Cross. The new Start/Finish line has obviously changed the course a bit, and it’s in perfect position for 63 miles of Cup O’ Dirt Relevance. Seriously, it’s almost exactly 63 miles.

And while 63 < 113, this is still a ride you should be fully prepared for…you never know when your saddle might fall off..

Be ready for anything out when your saddle falls off

Boys and girls, I present to you…the Cup O’ Cedar.

It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want the full CCX experience and think the Sapling Course may be too short. So now we’ve got courses for people who like big ones, little ones and medium ones. There is literally something for everyone. You’re welcome.

The other 2 course links will be released at a later time, so watch for that in the next week or two. Or 3…whatever.

New Start/Finish line this year…and other stuff


, ,

Keepin' it professional

Keepin’ it professional

I know we’re all still basking in the awesomeness that was the LandRun 100, (I still have no feeling in my left thumb), but the time has come to look forward to Cedar Cross.

We’re changing several things this year. For one, I’m pretty much done with the whole USACycling thing. Paying fees so you can take a test so you can pay more fees, etc…I’m over that shit.

We’ll be using NACS for our insurance this year. They’re geared more towards people like us. I’ve been in constant contact with Tom From NACS, who has informed me this will be their first event. Oh by the way, I opened registration this morning. Tell all your friends.

Speaking of NACS, they’ offering a discount to all CedarCrossers of $6 off registration. Use the coupon code “gummibears” when you sign up.

Hey look, Chuck's peeing again.

Hey look, Chuck’s peeing again.

Moving on, everyone knows we use this race to support local businesses, donate to animal shelters, and just try to do cool things in general. This year we’re gonna help a local pub make a lot of money.

Local business, son!!

Local business, son!!

The P4 Pub and Grub in Tebbetts, MO is a family owned business run by a husband and wife. They both work full time jobs and then run the pub in the evenings. They’ve agreed to let us use their business as a Start/Finish line this year fo-free.

They’re gonna sell me baked potatoes and even let us have a “finisher’s keg” inside the restaurant. BOOM.

In return, I’d like to challenge all of you to wipe out P4’s entire beer and food inventory. Look at the menu, even a fool could see this is a gravel rider’s paradise. Any place that sells “Cow & Pig pizza” deserves our support.

I went with the cheddar bacon cheeseburger though

I went with the cheddar bacon cheeseburger though

And as a bonus, you’ll notice that the pub is conveniently located right next door to the Tebbetts trail shelter.

$5 for a bed and a shower is a pretty sweet deal. I’ve pooped in there before, and the bathroom was very clean.

Of course, moving the Start/Finish line will require tweaking the course a bit. And after my experience at LandRun, I’ve come to realize that the grizzly, destroyed trails of Cedar Creek are exactly what Cedar Crossers crave. Starting this weekend, I’ll be out re-visiting parts of the course you’ve never ridden before. The Sapling course will obviously be a bit different too.


And yes, there will be a Sapling course this year. I just dont have it figured out yet. Stay tuned, cuz it’s all gonna work out just fine.

So brace your taints and prepare for adventure, because this will be the most badass Cedar Cross course you’ve ever seen.

As always, any questions may be sent to

Many updates are on the way.


Results, Final Thoughts and LOTS of Thanks

I think this photo summarizes things quite well

I think this sums it up pretty well

Well my friends, raceday has come and gone. Looking back on how it all unfolded, I can’t help but feel very proud of what this has become. Great people with positive attitudes, perfect weather and fresh horseshit…who could ask for more?


The Facebook response has been overwhelmingly positive. Seeing everyone’s Reactor photos and reading their tales of cameraderie, perseverance and hot dog/beer consumption brings warmth to my fat, fat heart.

Chucky V leading the Neutral Rollout

Chucky V leading the Neutral Rollout

As far as I know, we only had one pissed off cyclist….and that’s fine with me. Endurance events like these force us to learn things about ourselves, and not everyone learns something they wanted to know.

Other people learn things they already knew, like my man Corey Case, who is the proud owner of the CCX Jim Phillips Wallet.

Normally, I’d mock a man with fruit in his beer…not today.

It’s important that people know a lot people came together to make this happen. My good friend Kate Geisen is/was responsible for approximately 90% of the stuff on our Facebook page. I’m sure there are loads of flattering pictures of her on the webs, but for some reason this is the only one I could find.

The venue, the Start/Finish line, the after-party and basically anything that had to do with parking, logisitics, etc was handled by Nick Smith, pictured below.

Nick, Team Redwheel and Redwheel Bikeshop put together the most legit Start/Finish line we’ve had thus far. Good people all around, and I’m proud to call them friends. Thank you to anyone who took a moment to thank them by making a purchase at the bikeshop on raceday.

^^Then there’s Nick’s Dad. The man built a hotdog/water/beer stand in his yard just so he could make hotdogs for everyone. Oh yeah, and he had tarps set up for shade and lawn chairs to sit on. And you KNOW they’re good chairs if Don Daly sat on one.

By now I think we all know the trails on the 3rd singletrack section are totally fucked. That being said, I’d like to point out they’re much less fucked after the efforts of 2 good men:

Chuck Vohsen:

After leading the first Neutral Rollout, Chuck was out clearing trails while the race was happening. He also helped run the drop station and shuttled several DNF riders back to the Finish line. On top of that, his wife lori is responsible for most of the photos you’ve seen on social media.

Luke Lamb:

My brother from another mother. Luke spent his pre-race friday with me, clearing trails and tying caution tape to dead animals so noone would tear it down.

The list goes on and on. So to all of you, (including my lovely wife pictured below), Thank You.


I assume there are people who want to know their finish times, so here ya go. And just so we’re all on the same page, I realize there are a few errors. I don’t plan on fixing any of them, because my wife made these charts and I’d rather die than point out her mistakes.

Active/Retired US Military
Last First Finish Time Category Overall Place
Clinkinbeard Dan 5:37 PM USA 34
Windmoeller Stephen 6:04 PM USA 44
Gilmore Stacy 6:46 PM USA 60
Nelson Larry 8:58 PM USA 92
Last First Finish Time Category Overall Place
Wilson Kate 4:38 AM Alphagina 11
Piper Mary 6:00 AM Alphagina 42
Geisen Kate 6:34 AM Alphagina 55
Bateman Melanie 7:42 AM Alphagina 75
Last First Finish Time Category Overall Place
Case Corey 4:28 PM BAMF 8
Boianhoff Mickey 4:32 PM BAMF 9
Buttram Don 4:38 PM BAMF 12
Juncu Anatolie 4:47 PM BAMF 14
Howser Eric 5:09 PM BAMF 19
Irish Ryan 6:04 PM BAMF 46
Nagy Benedict 6:08 PM BAMF 50
Johanson Todd 7:14 PM BAMF 67
Gilmore Darren 7:26 PM BAMF 71

Random photo of my dog in a Taddihogg hat

Last First Finish Time Category Overall Place
Clarke Jenny 5:12 PM Ladies Solo 21
Windmoeller Michelle 6:04 PM Ladies Solo 45
Stevens Anne 7:49 PM Ladies Solo 82
Mattson Loreen 7:49 PM Ladies Solo 83
Gutierrez Kristy 10:11 PM Ladies Solo 96
Orban Kristen DNF Ladies Solo
Fucking serious about Winning
Last First Finish Time Category Overall Place
Johnson Joshua 3:34 PM Serious Folks 1
Meschke Ryan 7:26 PM Serious Folks 72
I wonder if this volunteer is still out there...

I wonder if this volunteer is still out there…

Single Speeders
Last First Finish Time Category Overall Place
White Justin 5:31 SS 28
Bockting Benji 5:36 SS 32
Clarke Adam 5:45 SS 35
Zoll Jason 5:45 SS 36
Anderson Jeff 6:49 SS 62
Mick Sean 7:01 SS 65
Ellis Robert 8:58 SS 91
Beever Jordan 10:11 SS 97
VanHoose Dwayne DNF (Long Course) SS
Lamb Luke DNF SS

And this year’s most well-attended category:

Dudes Open
Last First Finish Time Category Overall Place
Froese Ethan 3:34 PM DO 2
Simonson Lawrence 3:34 PM DO 3
Johnson Galen 3:34 PM DO 4
Henry Pete 4:07 PM DO 5
Maggard Jesse 4:07 PM DO 6
Bradley John 4:17 PM DO 7
Klein Eddie 4:38 PM DO 10
Tyman Devin 4:38 PM DO 13
Tomicki Tomasz 4:56 DO 16
Schnettgoecke Shaun 4:58 DO 17
Dowell Rodney 17:06 DO 18
Suthoff Brad 5:12 PM DO 20
Adkison Rodney 5:12 PM DO 22
Moore Jim 5:24 PM DO 23
Stacey Matt 5:26 PM DO 24
Daly Don 5:26 PM DO 25
Cranmer Stoney 5:31 PM DO 26
Goode Peter 5:31 PM DO 27
Langworthy Johnathan 5:31 PM DO 29
Cordia Tyler 5:36 PM DO 30
Spath Jacob 5:53 PM DO 37
Heydn Brian 5:53 PM DO 39
Pay Chris 6:00 PM DO 40
Pierce Richard 6:03 PM DO 43
Butler Scott 6:04 PM DO 47
Sides Stephen 6:07 PM DO 48
Sutherland Mike 6:07 PM DO 49
McAllister Bryant 6:10 PM DO 51
Donahoe Tim 6:12 PM DO 52
Smith David 6:22 PM DO 54
Giesing Jesse 6:35 PM DO 58
Clervi Art 6:49 PM DO 63
Orr Tom 7:13 PM DO 66
Pool Richard 7:25 PM DO 70
Koenig Xavier 7:42 PM DO 74
Smith Doug 7:42 PM DO 76
Behounek Josh 7:45 PM DO 81
Deffer Nicholas 7:53 PM DO 84
McEntire Brian 8:19 PM DO 87
Krause Guy 8:27 PM DO 88
Stookey Dan 8:52 PM DO 89
Fair Steven 8:52 PM DO 90
Schwartz Kevin 9:41 PM DO 94
Felix Miguel 10:11 PM DO 95
Van Hersh Ryan 10:33 PM DO 98
Vanderfelts Ben 10:33 PM DO 99
Botts Petey DNF DO
Boos Kyle DNF DO
Carr Lucas DNF DO
Dwiggins Jody DNF DO
Harp Tom DNF DO
Jennison Brian DNF DO
Kopta Arthur DNF DO
Morgan Michael DNF DO
Nemeth Justin DNF DO
Orr Chris DNF DO
Perry Joseph DNF DO
Rathke Dennis DNF DO
Smith Jim DNF DO
Cedar Sapling
Place Last First Finish Time Category
1 Ryan Steve 11:20 AM Sapling
2 McAllister Tim 11:20 AM Sapling
3 Clanton Corkey 11:21 AM Sapling
4 Brandhorst Jeff 11:22 AM Sapling
5 Webb Keith 11:22 AM Sapling
6 Webb Lisa 11:22 AM Sapling
7 VanHoose Dwayne 11:23 AM Sapling
8 Smith Matt 11:24 AM Sapling
9 Wolins Nat, Alane 11:48 AM Sapling
10 Lycke Craig 11:56 AM Sapling
11 Kubinak Susan 12:13 PM Sapling
12 Fogelbach Gary 12:19 PM Sapling
13 Reynolds Glen 1:10 AM Sapling
14 Goodman Dana 1:17 AM Sapling
15 Rehmert Tracie 1:17 AM Sapling
16 Gossett Emma 1:35 AM Sapling
17 Chase Jeff 3:32 AM Sapling
18 Clark Bob 3:32 AM Sapling
19 Friedman Steve, elena 4:01 AM Sapling

The finish line party was one I hope to remember forever. My bucket list got a little shorter when I checked off “Massive Bar Tab with 100+ Friends,” so that was a great feeling. Seeing the smiles as people finished a grueling day, grabbed one of mom’s potatoes and guzzled craft beers with friends…it just doesn’t get any better than that.


A very nervous girlfriend waited at the finish line for Ben V. and Ryan Vanhersh to finish the course, all the while talking about Ben’s recovery from spinal and pelvic injuries. Jut after 10:30, Ben was our final finisher, and therefore rewarded for his efforts with the coveted Kuat bike rack.

wpid-fb_img_1431400578926.jpgAside from all the trail damage, I don’t know how it could’ve gone any better. And since at least one person had fun, we’ll be doing it all again next year on the first Saturday of May.

The Man Strikes Again



So, our original course would’ve taken you between these bridges and over to the pedestrian bridge right before the Finish line. But lo and behold, a fucking gate has appeared the day before raceday.

But The Man has tried to stop us before, and he has failed. The Cedar Cross in dealing with horseshit, so a little bit of bullshit is no big deal.

I can’t change the GPS link from the library’s 1997 state of the art computer lab, but I can tell the you the new cue sheet looks like this. It’s updated in the header too. There will be a shitload of tape and course markings, so I don’t forsee anyone getting lost.

And if you do get lost, just remember this course exists because I got lost. Adventure rarely happens on the sidewalk.

So, about that Beer..

Hey everybody,

I may have stepped in some shit on Facebook last night when I asked people to bring a bunch of beer to the Finish line.

Here’s why…the guy who owns the building is letting us use his facility, parking lots, etc for free with the hopes of regaining the cost through beer sales. Apparently he had to pay for a liquor license, insurance and all kinds of shit.

There will never be a Cedar Cross without free beers at the finish line, but we also need to support this bar owner. So I’ll set up a tab to make sure every finisher (or DNF) from every category gets at least one beer on me. Right now I can afford about $400 worth of beer.

So if you’re bringing your own beer to share, that’s awesome. Just make sure your coolers stay in the parking lot away from the guy who had to buy a liquor license. Apparently he can get in big trouble for that shit, and that would probably ruin our chances of using the building next year.

In summary: keep your BYOB’s hidden,( or in my truck). Have at least one free beer on us, and then buy a few beers & support our local economy.

All Cue sheets and GPS links are at the top of the website.

Water stops and refueling options

^^Hopefully we don’t get sued by Specialized for using that photo

 There are a variety of places to refill water/food along the course.

These distances are approximate.

A water spigot rests in front of a church on Barnes Chapel road near the 27 mile mark. This is right before the first section of singletrack.

Your drop bags, (1-gallon ziplock), will greet you at the end of County road 353, near the 47 mile mark. This will be right before the final section of singletrack.

The Hams Prarie gas station/deli is near the 70 mile mark, and they have the best hard-salami sandwiches in all the land.

The final refueling station will likely be the country store in beautiful Mokane, near the 88 mile mark. They’ve got root beer in glass bottles, so be excited.

There are other places you could leave the course and hit a gas station, but I don’t think you’ll need to. As long as you re-enter the course in the same place you left, no big deal.

Just don’t cut the course on purpose and call yourself a real finisher. That would make you a douchebag.

Big Announcements and Biiiiig Piles of Horse Dookey


Well my friends, the hour is drawing near. All over the country, brave men and women are preparing their legs and taints for this weekend’s Trans Iowa Gravel Race. With any luck, they’ll emerge victorious and come to mid-Missouri on May 2nd for a nice Cedar Cross recovery ride. Best of luck to you all.. even Don Daly.

But enough about that..let’s talk about what’s going down on May 2nd. I want to make sure everyone has an idea what’s waiting for them on the gravel roads and singletrack trails of Callaway County.


^^As you can see in the photo, the equestrian community hosted its annual “Fuck you Bob Jenkins” parade last weekend. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate current trail damage somewhere between 9.5 and Why, just WHY?!?.

On a more positive note, there’s plenty of water in those hoof-holes if anyone needs a refill AND a messed up trail slows the roadies down.

There will be horseshit. There will be hike-a-bike. There will be baked potatoes.

In other news, this year’s National Anthem will be guitar-shredded by Jeff City native Andrew Laffoon, of the band Catastrophe. Andrew emailed us asking for the gig, and we’re  happy to have him on board…especially after noticing the band’s logo:

Isn't it crazy how these things happen?

Isn’t it crazy how these things happen?

Are you kidding me?!? It’s like a Cedar Cross logo and a Metal band logo “got together” and birthed this thing. Holy shit.

Did I mention someone is going home with a brand New Kuat Vagabond bike rack?

Kuat is a wonderful group of people, and they’ve sponsored this race since the beginning. Buying a bike-rack from anyone else is like riding horses on muddy singletrack…the only people who do it are assholes.

Let’s see, what else… Oh yeah, Capitol Plaza Hotel, (which is conveniently located super-close to the Start/finish line), has offered to give CCX riders a discounted room rate of $80 per night. Just mention that you’re involved with the race to get the discount. But do it quick, cuz there’s a car show in town on the same weekend.

^^You can thank Nick Smith for that one.

"It's just chewed up grass.."

“It’s just chewed up grass..”


For those who rode the course in 2013, you probably remember a guy “somewhere” on the course who had a bbq grill, a water hose, and maybe a jar of something homemade. That man would be Nick Smith’s Dad, and he’ll be at it again this year. I’m not going to disclose his location, because it’s none of your damn business and I want you to be surprised when you get there.

Please, Shake his hand and tell him he’s awesome.

After everyone has ridden past his house, Nick’s dad is gonna move his bbq grill to the finish line with hotdogs and whatnot. Nick created a facbook event page called Cedar Cross Finish Line Party. Sign up so he knows how many weiners to buy.

The hotdogs will not be free-range, vegan, or free of antibiotics. Why? Because shutup, that’s why.

So in summary, for $30 you get a 113-ish mile monstercross ride, a chance to win a Kuat rack, gps links, cue sheets, on-course hotdogs and beer, a drop-station (with beer), cash payouts for the women, a kickass after-party, (with a DJ), within walking distance of a hotel, and all the baked potatoes you want.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget Kate’s cookies and my mom’s cupcakes.

Unlesss you’re a veteran, a DNF from last year, or you weigh over 250 pounds…in which case, you get it all for free.

I really don’t know how to make it any better, but suggestions are welcome. If you need anything, hit me up on the Facebook page or at